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The exhilarating conclusion to bestseller Larsson's Millennium trilogy (after The Girl Who Played with Fire) finds Lisbeth Salander, the brilliant computer hacker who was shot in the head in the final pages of Fire, alive, though still the prime suspect in three murders in Stockholm. While she convalesces under armed guard, journalist Mikael Blomkvist works to unravel the decades-old coverup surrounding the man who shot Salander: her father, Alexander Zalachenko, a Soviet intelligence defector and longtime secret asset to Säpo, Sweden's security police. …

Berry Library selected by the NEH.

Recently, the Berry Memorial Library was selected by The National Endowment of the Humanities as a recipient of the We The People "A More Perfect Union" bookshelf. Berry Library was one of 4000 of the national's school and public libraries to receive this bookshelf.

Included in the bookshelf are seventeen hardcover books as well as a number of bonus selections, including The Civil War: A Film by Ken Burns. Visit the NEH's We The People website for more information about the program.

Two Award Winners


When Marian Sang: The True Recital of Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson is best known for her historic concert at the Lincoln Memorial in 1939, which drew an integrated crowd of over 75,000 people in pre-Civil Rights America. While this momentous event showcased the uniqueness of her character, and the struggles of the times in which she lived, it is only part of her story. Like the opera arias Marian would come to sing, Ryan's text is as moving as a libretto, and Selznick's pictures are as exquisitely detailed and elaborately designed as a stage set. …

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