Can You Hear Me Now?

Did you know that the Berry Library has a growing selection of audio books?  Two of our latest titles are Sandra Brown's "Smoke Screen" and "Chasing Shadows" by Walter Mosley and Joyce Carol Oates. Our audio books are available on standard CDs for use at home, in your car, or anywhere you have a compact disc player. As a Berry Memorial Library card holder, you have access to the Portland Public Library's Online Services website where many more audio books and movies can be downloaded for free. Berry Memorial Library has dozens of audio book titles on the shelf and more on the way. 

Duck! Rabbit!

Two unseen characters debate the identity of the creature at the center of this clever book—is it a duck or a rabbit? Readers will join in the discussion, because the creature could, in fact, be either. Just as each of the debaters begins to see the other's perspective, the duck/rabbit runs away and they see an anteater. Or is it a brachiosaurus? Text and illustrations are intimately wedded in this fun, interactive read-aloud. The bold lines and bright colors in Lichtenheld's illustrations are a visually pleasing match for the bantering text. …

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